Ordering Samples

Before you order a sample,email us at "info@crazyjerrysinc.com" and we'll send you our product pricing and shipping information

If you're still happy after you've gotten the prices and shipping info,you should order a sample,because you sure wouldn't buy a car without test driving it,and you sure as heck shouldn't put your label on a sauce for your restaurant without trying it out first !

We hate to charge for the sample, but it keeps the phonies away. A sample bottle including shipping is $15.00, and if you partner up with us, we will deduct the money you paid for the sample from your first order,how cool is that? We accept all major credit cards.

Again,if you're interested in working with us, check the availability list for the town/city your restaurant is in, and if it is available, just give us a call or email and let us know that you're interested. Once you receive your sample, we'll hold your location for you for one week,until you talk it over with your wife if you have one,because if you're like me, she's definitely the boss!