Private Labeling


More than once when I have asked someone at a restaurant if they have given any thought of carrying a private label sauce,I am told that the head chef makes the sauces for the restaurant,as all of them do,and I am sure they make great sauces,but how many are sold to their customers,or have the restaurants label on them to promote their restaurant,not too many i'm thinking, Chefs work their rear ends off with countless other duties,and mostly don't have the time to make and market sauces for the restaurants they work for,this is where we can help.

We're not trying to compete with the chef's sauces,we're offering restaurants an alternative to increase their bottom line,and gain exposure by selling their own private label sauce to their customers that has proven to be a great restaurant seller since 1989. Our sauce is very flavorful,and a little on the spicy side without being stupid hot and melting your customers taste buds,and it has a ton of uses.

We offer competitive wholesale pricing, with a very good proven retail to your customers.

Some of the restaurants we work with have broadened their sales by offering their private label sauce on their website,and gaining their restaurant a lot more exposure!

As you probably know by now,we sold all of our products(we had 35) in 2018 to one of our distributors,and only kept the one I made in 1976 to eat oysters with, but like my grandma used to say: ONE IS ENOUGH IF IT'S GOOD ENOUGH! ... "I think she was talking about grandpa". Betty and I can't wait to hear from you!