Our Story

Well Folks, There I was sittin' in the mud with a Marine buddy, smack in the middle of Vietnam in 1967, chowing down on a can of C-ration lima beans that really sucked. And, I love lima beans, just not C-ration lima beans. My favorite, the beans and franks had already been snatched up.

I remember telling my buddy, probably like thousands of other "jarheads", that I wish we had something to help the flavor of some of these "gastronomical disasters" the government came up with. They were not what you would call fine dining. Anyway, I scribbled down in a small notebook I carried, a promise to myself to come up with a sauce to help out the government's head chef.

When I rotated back to the "World" which is what we called the U.S.A., I met my future wife, Betty Jean, and I forgot all about my promise to help out the government until later down the road. In 1976, while going through some old Marine Corps' stuff and found the notebook I had written a promise to myself to make a sauce for C-rations. Only now, instead of C-rations, I wanted to make it for one of my favorite things in the world, "Oysters"! Well, in 1976 I did make my sauce in my hometown Pensacola, and, only for family and friends.

Later on in 1988, Betty and I were living in Roswell, GA. and a friend of mine, David Michaels, who owned a restaurant/oyster bar called Destins, told me that he really liked my sauce and asked if we would make some for his restaurant. Which we did, we bottled it, hand wrote the labels on notebook paper, scotch taped them to the bottles and gave 14 bottles to David. A few days later, David called us and told us that there was a problem with the sauce. And, my first thought was "crap" we've killed someone! But, much to our relief, the only problem was that every bottle of the sauce had been stolen and David wanted to know if we would make him some more - which we did and the same thing happened again, every bottle was stolen. That's when I first thought to myself that if our sauce was good enough to steal, it was good enough to sell!

When I got up the nerve, I asked Betty what she thought of us starting our own sauce company. She looked at me like I was crazy and her exact words were "Jerry, sweetheart, you're Crazy"! And, that's how our company "Crazy Jerry's,Inc." was started in 1989. Well, Betty may have left out the "sweetheart" part, but, I always liked remembering her as saying it, even if she didn't.

Twenty-nine years later, we sold the exclusive rights to sell all of our products to one of our distributors, except for the Oyster, Clam & Everything Else sauce, which we kept to go Private Label to restaurants. And, since we want to keep the sauce unique, we are only going to sell to one restaurant in any town/city.

I'm a firm believer in the old "KISS" method I learned in the Marine Corps, which means "Keep It Simple Stupid". I think they had me in mind, when they came up with that saying. Which is exactly what Betty and I want to do. We want to keep our new company small and unique! So, if you would like to put your own label on a "GREAT" tasting sauce that sells like "CRAZY" in restaurants, then just check the town availability list. And, if your town isn't taken, then just give us a holler and Betty and I would love to work with you!

Well, that's our story and I hope I didn't bore you too much. Betty and I hope to hear from you soon.

Oh Yeah... You guys are invited to Montana too!!!

"If you order"