Before I start this story, I need y'all to do something for me.  I want you to clench your teeth and keeping them together say "Pop My Back" several times.  Understand, I was in considerable pain and I'm sure I sounded like a billy goat in heat saying "Pop My Back".

O.K., on with the story:

I know for sure that my Betty Jean loves me, but, I really didn't know how much until this happened:

We hadn't been married very long and I got up at 5:00 in the morning to go to work and lifted some weights to limber up before I left.  Well, this particular morning I did something stupid, I didn't warm up enough and slipped a vertebrae and it hurt like "Crazy".  I made it back to the bedroom and fell on the bed.  When Betty saw I was in pain, she asked me what was wrong, to which I muttered through clenched teeth "Pop My Back" and immediately my little Betty Jean sprang into action.  She jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen and looked all around, then she ran into the living room and looked all over there.  When she got through in the living room she ran back into our bedroom where she frantically looked everywhere in there, also.

And, all the time she was looking everywhere, I had been watching her do this, wondering what in the world was she doing?  When she finally got through looking through the bedroom, she ran over to a tall chest of drawers we had in the bedroom, opened the top drawer all the way and then with every bit of her 98 pound frame behind her, she slammed the drawer closed as hard as she could.  Well, being the curious type that I am, I couldn't stand it any longer and through clenched teeth again, I asked her "Baby, what in the world are you doing?"... to which she said with tears in her eyes (because I was hurting), are you ready for this?...She said, "Baby I'm sorry, I couldn't find a "Bag to Pop" like you wanted, so I slammed that damn drawer as hard as I could!

I  LOVE THAT GIRL!!  And, through clenched teeth, it does sound like "Pop A Bag"...


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  • Gerry, you could write a book. The detail you provide leaves one to believe they were in the house watching all of this unfold. Very funny and entertaining.

    Paul Laskodi

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