Giving Back

Betty Boop and I are "dyed in the wool animal lovers" and we will be giving a portion of our sales to help out our furry friends. It seems like almost every time we go for a ride on our Harley, we come home with a cat or a dog.  One time we were loaded down with six (6) kittens we found right beside a busy road.  And, another time I actually reached down and picked up a big old white rabbit that was just sitting in the middle of the road.


Harley the Cat

We have One ol' cat we named Harley... we found him in a graveyard when he was just a baby, he's nine now and weighs around twenty pounds.


This is our old buddy Hoppy.

He was a kitten with a broken leg when we found him. He was left with a permanent limp, but it never slowed him down. We were lucky enough to have him for 22 years!


This “fur ball” is Gabby, she ran into our warehouse one night in 2012 when we were speaking with some clients, and we’ve had her ever since. She’s been a GREAT cat.



Riley is our latest Road Critter. We were going through a small Georgia town on Saturday in March of 2020, when we saw this dog looking for food along the road. We gave him some scraps we had left over form breakfast and he “wolfed” them down…, so we went about four miles into the small town and bought 2 cans of dog food and a 5lb bag of dry food and went back to where we first saw him and he was still on the side of the road. Well, he gobbled up both cans of food and about half the bag of dry food. I mean this dog put away more in one sitting and quicker than my redneck buddy Bobby Lee ever did (this dog was hungry).

Unfortunately, we had to leave him there that day, but we went back the following Saturday with more food and a large carrier to bring him home (a 400-mile round-trip). When we arrived at where we last saw him a week ago, we could not believe that he was back out on the side of the road looking for food again. We fed him again and he was pretty darn happy to get into the carrier. He is now at home with us. Riley loves all people, but he doesn’t care much for other animals. We have a few other animals, so we’ll take care of him until we can find that special person that can give him a good home. We’ll keep you posted.